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5 Essential Trust-Based Strategies for Business Banking Success Today

79% percent of business buyers of banking products say it’s critical that a salesperson understand their specific business needs. But 9 out of 10 companies report that their bank provides them with no industry-specific information that can add value to their business.

If bankers aren’t adding value to the business relationship, why even have bank calling officers?

Not only are bankers not making the effort to gain the deeper understanding of industries that could give them a competitive advantage – most bankers aren’t even aware the landscape has shifted so dramatically. This knowledge gap has created a trust deficit between buyer and banker. In an age where earning trust is foundational to sales and business banking success, how can bankers adapt their strategies to better differentiate themselves and meet their buyers’ evolving needs?

What’s the secret? 

The bankers who are achieving business banking success today are leveraging industry-specific content to employ five essential trust-based strategies outlined in our new white paper.

Download 5 Essential Trust-Based Strategies for Business Banking Success Today and set your path toward successful relationship management.

9 out of 10 companies report that their bank provides them with no industry-specific information. This is largely due to the fact that most business bankers are generalists who base their sales model on geography alone, covering regions as opposed to pursuing specialized knowledge that can increase their coverage across industries.

Because the insufficient generalist model still reigns supreme, today’s business bankers have an opportunity to meaningfully increase their sales success by addressing the growing customer need for a more personal, specialized approach.

Where to start?

Download our whitepaper, Why Business Bankers Should Adopt a Vertical Sales Model and How to Do It, and learn the best way to incorporate Industry Specialization into your sales process using industry research tools. This simple solution that many of your competitors are overlooking offers an opportunity for bankers to produce differentiated sales results and deliver better customer service.